Version Notes

Version publishes and bug fixes

V.0.1.0 - Major Release:

- Home Page redesigned to fit up-to-date standards

- Menu Page designed to fit up-to-date standards

V0.1.1 - Menu update

- When any section of the Menu is pressed, it enlarges to help read.

- OAP added to Fish menu

- Monday Special removed

- Open times updated

V0.1.2 - Pages update

- Footer updated to suggest Facebook as an alt' contact

- Jobs Page added

- Jobs added to Footer

V0.1.3 Home page update

- Map photo changed to interactive map.

- Version number and link to this page added to footer

- Footer Mobile view updated accordingly

- Title in header given link to take user to Home page

V0.1.4 Home Page update

- 'Open Times' table style changed.

- Slight styling changes to '/jobs' page

- Slight styling changes to '/home' page

- Footer style changes for desktop 

- Footer style changes for mobile

- 'Version notes' style changes

V0.1.5 Home Page update

- Information section under header changed to give some breathing room and better aesthetic 

- New section added, 'See what else we have been doing'. The section contains posts about some of the work we have done for local causes

- Header logo changed to match other styles.

- Menu section spelling correction and update. 


- Creator credit updated in footer

- Creator credit links open in new tab


- Jobs page changed to fit appropriate circumstances

- Page names updated 

V0.1.8 (Latest)

- Changed the display of the open times to match the menu theme. 

- Jobs page changed to fit appropriate circumstances

- Updated some page links so they can be accessed from here